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Belén Pérez Muńiz is a singer of Bossa Nova and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but since she was very young she was closely in touch with Brazil, its music, but mainly with the most important musicians of this country. She was raised in a musical environment:

Belén y Vinicius de Moraes


Her father, Coco Pérez, was a jazz pianist and together with her mother, Sylvina Muñiz were the creators and owners of the legendary café-concert "LA FUSA" where the worldwide famous recordings of Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho, Maria Creuza and Maria Bethânia took place.

Since she was a child she had the opportunity of sharing and participate of many and very important musical moments with all the big artists that performed at her parents' night club, from Argentina and from Brazil, that, generally, used to stay at her family place: Nana and Dori Caymmi, Toquinho, Chico Buarque, Boca Livre, Joyce, Marilia Medalha, Maria Creuza, Vinicius de Moraes, etc.

Always passionate about this music, Belén new very soon she wanted to be a brazlian music singer.

She had the big chance of starting her career with Vinicius de Moraes, this marvelous artist and very good friend, with whom she had the privilege of becoming her female singer partner in the last performances of the poet in our country and in Uruguay.

During more than twenty years of career she always remained faithful to this style. In her beginnings she developed a band with the great brazilian guitar player resident in Argentina, Paulinho do Pinho. She also performed together with Horacio Molina one of the best and more renowned tango singers in Argentina, and with the duet of Daniel "Polllo" Mactas and Eduardo Makaroff who lives now in Spain. . She lived in Brazil for several years. Then she moves to Spain, where she continues her career creating a duet with Brazilian David Tavares - very good and well known flamenco-fusión guitar player, resident in Spain - performing at prestigious clubs of Madrid night-life.


Belén y su Padre, Coco Pérez

Back in Buenos Aires, she starts a new band with talented jazz guitar player and composer Leo Alvarez in charge of the arrangements and performs since then, in the most important clubs and café - concerts in the city (Niceto Club, Notorious, La Revuelta, Un Gallo para Esculapio, El Divino. Bs. As, Tobago, Sheraton Hotel, Alvear Hotel, Sofitel, Faena+Universe Hotel, etc.). She made an important concert tribute to the great brazilian singer Elis Regina at the magnificent Municipal Theatre of Bahia Blanca City. Also performs at social and corporate events. Belén approaches a not very usual repertoire, praised by critics, with songs full of harmonic and melodic resources as well as emotional and poetical lyrics. Her band today: Guitar Leo Alvarez; Bass Daniel Maza; Drums Osvaldo Fattoruso; Percussion Conce Soares, and have participated pianists Juanjo Hermida, Alvaro Torres and Christian Jerez.